Posted by Kristi Walker

Greetings friends & prayer supporters!

I definitely owe you an update since my last update was sent on November 13. In that email, I asked you to pray for some overwhelming challenges I was facing, specifically for God’s power and provision. Thank you so much to those of you who prayed for me (and to those who let me know they prayed)! God has definitely been answering, and though the challenges still exist, my emotional state and encouragement level have greatly improved. I’m sure 7 weeks at “home” for the holidays and furlough helped greatly too. 🙂 Getting to meet and hold my 3 new nephews cheered me up considerably!

I am now back in Berlin feeling more encouraged and refreshed! I thought that instead of sending you a long prayer letter this time, I would send you a VIDEO UPDATE! A supporting church of mine in Iowa asked me to send them a short video update and I decided it would be fun and beneficial to send it to ALL of my prayer supporters! I hope you enjoy it! This is my first time creating a video update so it’s a little rough, but I hope to do this a few times a year and get better and better at it. 🙂

God bless and please keep me in your prayers!