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It was 1993, and Heritage had just lost their worship director. A young whipper-snapper named Brian Maxwell was asked to step into that role. What were the church leaders thinking? He’s just a kid. He’s so contemporary. He’s never been a worship leader before. I’m sure there were all of these comments and more.

But here we are 23 years later celebrating you, Brian, who capably led the worship ministry for over two decades. Brian, you were entrusted with the task of standing before the people of Heritage weekly and leading them into the very presence of God. Your role was to point people to Jesus, not yourself. You have been a gifted artist, continually honing your craft, a theologian, and an enthusiastic leader.

So, today we want to say thank you.

Thank you for taking the time each week to prayerfully select songs that you believe our church should sing together.

Thank you for spending time each week to practice the songs on your own, and then with the worship team.

Thank you for leading us in worship week after week, even though sometimes you just don’t feel like it.

Thank you for putting up with complaints about how loud the drummer was OR how long the intro was to that first song OR how you didn’t play someone’s favorite hymn the way they like it.

Thank you for submitting to your pastor’s leadership even when you may not see eye to eye.

Thank you for keeping a high standard, not just musically, but spiritually so that we as a church are giving God our very best.

Thank you for not making worship just about music, but for teaching us about what it means to worship in spirit and truth.

Thank you for not making it about you, but for always making it all about HIM!

Here are some comments from your worship team members:

“I have always appreciated Brian’s ability to genuinely worship while bringing the entire congregation along with him in that experience.”

“Brian, you are a gifted artist willing to hone in on all new things. Most importantly, the privilege to worship and serve in the ministry of music with you is not only an honor, but an experience of how true worship goes hand in hand with just…. Having fun!!!”

“Brian provides sincere support. He would always share positive things with us as individuals and as a group, and it was very genuine. This includes praying with us on a regular basis.”

“Brian has amazing enthusiasm for the music ministry at Heritage. He often told us how much he looked forward to Sundays and being with the rest of the group, and this was obvious in his demeanor.”

“I always appreciate Brian’s enthusiasm, creativity, and encouragement. I love it when he doesn’t hold back from sharing his feelings about the truth in the songs we sing. He reminds me to grab hold of this truth and never ever just go through the motions.”

“Brian, I love you. I thank you for the honor of serving together to make music for Jesus and Heritage. I hope you know how much I treasure you, your friendship, your love and respect.”

On behalf of all of the worship team members through the years and the membership of Heritage Baptist Church, thank you, Brian, for your leadership over these past 23 years. As Kyle takes over the weekly leadership role, we are so thankful that you will still be participating as a member of the worship team and sharing your special gifts with us.

Don’t ever stop making music!