God Wants Obedience

August 27, 2017



Over the years I have learned that if I am going to experience any measure of success or accomplishment in anything, I’m going to have to put in the time and effort to make that happen. To use the theme of our summer message series, it takes an ALL IN attitude!

So whether it’s music, soccer, volleyball, golf, good grades in school, your job, marriage, finances, hunting, fishing, your family, relationships with whoever . . . you will have to give it your best. Success in anything will require willingness and commitment.

This is also true of your spiritual life. And yet so many seem to struggle with their walk with God because they simply don’t understand that just like everything else in life . . . it takes a willingness to give Him our best!

Listen as we examine the lives of a couple of the most famous brothers in the Bible and see what made the difference in their relationship with the LORD.

Bible References

  • Genesis 4:1 - 8