All In: Life

July 23, 2017




We sometimes view our circumstances as the measure of God’s love for us. If life is going well and we’re feeling good, it’s easy to acknowledge God’s love. But if life gets a little messy and knocks us out of our comfort zone, we begin to wonder about how much God really does love us.

The book of Ruth is a love story. It is first about the love of individuals for the LORD. It is also about the love of a mother (in-law) for her daughter (in-law) and vice versa, as well as the love of a man and a woman for each other. But ultimately, Ruth is the story about the love of God for His people.

Ruth has a storybook ending, but life isn’t always like that. How do we remain ALL IN when life gets chaotic and downright painful?

Bible References

  • Ruth 1:1 - 4:22