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Our mission at Heritage is simple. We want to glorify God by making more people more like Jesus. Our Global Partners live out this mission throughout our nation and across the globe. It’s our biblical privilege and responsibility to support missionaries and organizations through encouragement, prayer, and finances. We believe this is part of fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) that was given to every Christ-follower by Jesus Himself. Click on the categories below to learn more about our Global Partners. Take a few minutes right now to pray for them, send them an email, or check out their ministry website.

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Photo of Davis Family
Davis Family
Home Togo, West Africa


Dale and Jody both had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home and being saved at a young age. After they were married, God began working in their lives to direct them toward career missions. It has been a tremendous journey! Over the last 15 years, they have been privileged to serve in several ways, including almost 4 years as missionary builders traveling around the U.S. and helping churches with their construction needs. It was during this time that Zach was added to our family.

Later, in 2001, the Davis family moved to cold and snowy Quebec, Canada and spent 15 months learning French in preparation for a ministry in Chad, Africa.

From cold Quebec, they moved to very HOT Chad, Africa where they have served for 8 years. Their first major task in Chad was to build a house to live in! God also allowed them to be involved in many ministries. At times they were helping the Bible School director, at other times they were involved in making decisions about a hospital. Most of the time, Dale and Jody organized and facilitated the Bible Translation ministry.

Recently, God has led the Davis family to yet another opportunity! They have joined ABWE’s Northern Togo outreach team to help with an incredibly exciting project. The Hospital of Hope is being built in a small, neglected, Muslim community in northern Togo. The express purpose of this project is to reach Muslims for Christ. It seems that God has been preparing all three of them and teaching them specific skills for many years for this specific ministry.

Photo of Dr. Heather Fowler
Dr. Heather Fowler
Home South Asia


Dr. Heather Fowler is currently serving in a medical ministry in South Asia where she works with patients from Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist backgrounds.

Photo of Henzler Family
Henzler Family
Home Greece


Mark and Diane Henzler are missionaries with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism. Mark began as a single missionary working in the Amazon jungles of Peru, and then later met Diane who was working short-term in Togo, West Africa. They were married in 1988 and in 1991they began working in Santiago, Chile where their two children, Suzanna and Andrew were born (1992 & 1993). Their ministry there included planting an inner-city church and leadership training through the Bible Institute and the Seminary.

In 2003 they moved to Managua, Nicaragua to help with the need of training pastors in northern Nicaragua and start a church in Managua with the professional class of people.

In 2016 Mark and Diane switched their place of ministry to Greece. They want to continue moving toward establishing a school for church planters, to follow up the nationwide Bible distribution program.

Photo of Marshall Family
Marshall Family
Home France


God has called Steve and Sabrina to France where less than one percent of the population claim to be evangelical Christians. But by God’s grace people are coming to Christ and being baptized. The Marshalls are located in a beautiful city called Lyon, home of more than two million people.

The Marshalls work in three specific ministry areas:
1. Serving alongside a French church.
2. Starting new churches around the city.
3. Training future leaders threw Lyon Bible School to serve in the local churches of Lyon.

Photo of Doug and Sharon Martin
Doug and Sharon Martin
Home North America


Doug and Sharon Martin, along with their 3 daughters Melissa, Michelle, and Mallory, began serving the Lord with ABWE in Romania in 1997. Along the way, Doug was named as the “Romania Country Coordinator”. Under the Martin’s leadership, the team grew to 20 missionaries and was involved in establishing a translation ministry to aid Sunday School teachers and churches; launching a camping ministry that still sees nearly 400 attending every summer and many salvations; and the organizing of a lay-leader training program known as the Church Ministries Institute whose goal was to raise up leaders for existing churches while at the same time to help those same churches plant daughter churches from among those that were being trained. The Martins rejoice that these 3 ministries, begun more than a decade ago, are still active today, producing fruit and providing ABWE missionaries with many ministry opportunities.

Next, the Lord led the Martin Family to neighboring Hungary in 2004 to serve as the ABWE coordinator for all of Eastern Europe. Among all of the ministries that the Martins were a part of, there are two that are especially noteworthy. First, was Sharon’s ministry as teacher and then Elementary Principal at the International Christian School of Budapest. With some 20+ nationalities represented, the Lord used the school to reach many students for Christ – including Chinese, Hungarian and Dutch among others. Sharon was instrumental in creating and launching the schools’ “Pre-first” grade class – a kindergarten-like program. Second, was Doug’s work in creating “Global Missions Forums” where pastors from around Central and Eastern Europe could gather together to dialog, gain insights and strengthen one another toward missions. It was amazing to watch our hopes and dreams come true as we helped turn these “missionary receiving” nations into “missionary SENDING” nations.

In 2010, the Lord again redirected our paths. With the guidance of our sending church, North Park Baptist of Grand Rapids, Michigan – we accepted the role of Area Director for ABWE/North America (USA & Canada). With a great heritage of church planting, we have expanded the ministry to include a new Hispanic ministries team, “GateKeepers”; and outreach to Muslims via our “Heart, Mind & Soul” seminar series for local churches. We have also worked to expand our influence in ministries to Native American (First Nation) peoples, and, together with Tim and Barb Vermilyea we are working to establish the first ever ABWE team for Montreal.

Our current work and ministry revolves around these two ideals.

1. To continue the ABWE plant churching tradition, while at the same time,

2. To help equip existing churches (and the average person in the pew) to better engage the plethora of different people groups in their communities.

In a word…Reaching “Cross-culture”  without having to go “Cross-border.”

As for the Martin’s 3 grown daughters:  Melissa graduated from Cedarville University in 2010 with a teaching degree. She married Devin Babcock in August 2011 and she is currently teaching at Greenview Middle School in Jamestown, Ohio. Michelle will graduate of Baptist Bible College and is engaged to be married with a wedding date set for June 2014. Mallory is a student at Cedarville University and will graduate from their Pharmacy program in 2017.

Photo of David and Elizabeth Mayner
David and Elizabeth Mayner
Home USA


David and Elizabeth are working through local churches to reach the world on college campuses in the Binghamton, NY area.

Photo of Ken and Jinner Rudolph
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
Home Europe and North America


Ken and Jinner have been in ministry for thirty-seven years. They have served in the pastorate for ten years in the Washington, DC area; for thirteen years they worked for Baptist Bible College recruiting students for ministry; for ten years they served at Lake Ann Baptist Camp as the senior high camp speaker and director of advancement; and starting in 2009, they joined the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism and are part of the Mobilization Team.

The Mobilization Team at ABWE involves the Rudolphs in many ministries. Ken speak in many Christian Schools in Europe and America and has been involved in leadership conferences for the Association of Christian Schools International. They also speak in many churches in Europe and America doing youth, evangelistic and marriage conferences. Ken is also involved in doing teen camps in America at Lake Ann Camp as well as camps in Germany and Romania. Another thing that has recently developed is that Ken and Jinner are helping lead mission trips to Germany. One of the main responsibilities that they have with mobilization is to recruit young people to missions. Their heart is to plant many churches in Europe and therefore must recruit many young people to do this great work. The Rudolphs have four married children and 10 adorable grandchildren.

Psalm 71:17-18

Photo of Rudolph Family
Rudolph Family
Home Germany


Rich grew up at Heritage Baptist church for the first 21 years of his life. Julia grew up near Seattle, Washington. The couple met at Baptist Bible College and it was there that God laid it on their hearts to pursue church planting overseas. Their calling was, “Go overseas until God tells us to stay”. Since the day they made that decision, they have continued to find our way to Germany. In fact, it was through another HBC missionary (Kristi Walker) that Rich and Julia originally got connected to the country of Germany. Now they are planting churches in Germany, specifically the states of Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland. Their goal is to help their German partners plant 5 church during their time in Germany.

Photo of Sana and Nancy Singh
Sana and Nancy Singh
Home India


Sana and Nancy are working in India with local pastors and believers, especially in the areas of church planting, theological education, and Bible translation.

Photo of Spink Family
Spink Family
Home Brazil


David and Dawn (Branda) Spink have been missionaries in Natal, Brazil since 1990. David graduated from Baptist Bible College (1982), and became associate pastor of First Baptist Church, in Bowling Green, OH. Dawn is also a graduate of Baptist Bible College (1982) and upon graduation went to Natal, Brazil for a short-term ministry. They were married on July 30, 1983, where they continued ministering in Bowling Green, OH. The Lord led them into missions, and they returned to Baptist Bible Seminary for more education. They were accepted by the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, in 1987 and followed the Lord´s leading to Natal, Brazil as church planters.

David and Dawn have been church planters in the Northeast region of Brazil, where they also teach in the Bible School, lead camp ministries, and promote youth leadership. As they mentor leaders for the different ministries, they move on to another area that has a need. Dawn is especially involved in Bible studies, and music. David partners with the Brazilian pastors to help struggling churches in the interior of our state, and to start new congregations also. His goal is to leave a vision with each church planted to reproduce itself. They have been a part of starting four different church plants during these 23 years in Natal, Brazil that are all in the process of helping start other church plants.

David and Dawn have four children. Cristina and Tiffany are both married and serving the Lord with their husbands in local churches. David, Jr. is a senior at the Federal University in Natal as a history major. His plans are to pursue his masters degree at Liberty University. Victoria is a first year student attending the Federal University in Natal, majoring in dentistry.

Photo of Tim and Barb Vermilyea
Tim and Barb Vermilyea
Home Canada


Tim and Barb were sent out by Heritage Baptist Church in 1986. Their family has lived in the province of Quebec in the great country of Canada for 27 years now. God has allowed them to be involved in church planting and leadership training for the last 25 years – the first two years were devoted to learning enough French to be dangerous! The Vermilyeas are presently part of the church-planting team at Credo Baptist Church in the capital, Quebec City. Tim and Barb now also have the opportunity to help recruit and build a team for the cities of Montreal and Toronto.

Photo of Kristi Walker
Kristi Walker
Home Germany


Kristi Walker grew up at Heritage Baptist Church. She is currently a missionary with ABWE in Berlin, Germany and has been there almost 10 years. She works at CrossWay International Baptist Church in Berlin as the Director of Student Ministries. Her main ministry includes running two youth groups, one for pre-teens and one for teenagers, and discipling teens at Starbucks. 🙂 Along with youth ministry, Kristi is also involved with AWANA, women’s ministries and organizing short-term missionaries and teams that come to Berlin.
Photo of Walker Family
Walker Family
Home Pennsylvania


Todd left his home in Clarks Summit in the fall of 2008 to follow the Lord’s call into missions. The Lord directed him to Southeastern Michigan to take the Gospel to the universities in the area – some 100,000 college students enrolled in Washtenaw County.

In the summer of 2009, Todd and Janine were married. In the fall of the next year, they began an official campus ministry at Eastern Michigan University to spread and declare the name and salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through this ministry, God graciously allowed many students to turn from their sins and to the Lord Jesus for salvation, baptism and spiritual maturity.

In April of 2012, the Lord blessed Todd and Janine with the gift of their first son, Haddon. One year later, the Lord led them to plant a house church right next to the campus of Eastern Michigan University for the sake of making disciples of Jesus. Todd served as one of the two main pastors for the church plant. One year later, the Lord decided to bless them with identical twin sons, Titus and Levi. Although born 2 months premature, the twins were healthy, big boys.

In fall of 2014, the Lord called Todd, Janine and their family back to Clarks Summit (where Todd grew up) to reach the smaller but much more “Gospel-untapped” college campuses in Lackawanna County. Todd and his family became members of Heritage Baptist Church once again.

In the fall semester of 2015, they started a campus ministry at Keystone College, located only a few miles from HBC. The Lord flung open the doors at Keystone College and they were able to start Bible studies and spread the Gospel almost immediately. Several students got invested and Todd and Janine began teaching and discipling those who came.

In January of 2015, the Lord blessed the Walkers with the birth of their first daughter, Adelaide. Now, as a family of 6, Todd and Janine have set up camp in Northeast PA for the sake of reaching the dozens of secular campuses with the Gospel through the help of HBC.

Todd is also the leader of HBC’s college/young adult ministry at Heritage called CrossRoads. Please pray for the Walkers as they seek to build the church and advance the Kingdom of God in one of the most needy mission fields on the planet – secular college campuses.

Photo of Weber Family
Weber Family
Home Belgium


Jonathan and Sarah are serving in partnership with Belgians in local churches to equip Belgians to become spiritually mature and to take the Good News of the Gospel to the world! Their goal is to partner with Belgian believers in existing baptistic local churches/church plants to disciple Belgians to become spiritually mature followers of Christ who are living victorious Christian lives in their homes and in their communities while serving graciously and faithfully in their local church as members of the Body of Christ.

Photo of Whitman Family
Whitman Family
Home Italy


We are working in Italy to reach Italians for Christ through the local church, radio ministries, and Italian television.

Missions Agencies

Photo of Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

ABWE is an unaffiliated, independent Baptist missions agency providing like-minded churches with vital services to expedite their Great Commission ministry.

Photo of Baptist Mid-Missions
Baptist Mid-Missions

The Baptist Mid-Missions family exists to strategically advance the building of Christ’s church, with His passion and for His glory, in vital partnership with Baptist churches worldwide.


Photo of Clarks Summit University
Clarks Summit University

Clarks Summit University has an overarching vision of pursuing excellence in biblical higher education for effectiveness in global Christian leadership.

Photo of Summit Christian Academy
Summit Christian Academy

Summit Christian Academy is an institution offering a high quality, Christian education from their preschool program through high school.

Social Agencies