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Please prayerfully consider how God would use you to help raise $50,000 by August 31. The needs are “over and above” our regular giving and include: Missions Fund Payback, The Ministry Initiative Internship, Auditorium Sound Equipment, and the Sprinkler System and Hallway Updates. Campaign descriptions, commitment cards, and offering envelopes are available at the Welcome Center.

Having a hard time seeing how to give more on your already tight budget? Consider these simple, but effective ways to give over and above your regular giving:

Give up your morning or afternoon coffee a few times each week. Take that $5-$10 and give it to the Harvest Campaign.

Instead of going out to eat one night, give the money you save to the Harvest Campaign. Talk to your family about why you are all eating in that night.

Rent a movie and pop some popcorn at home with some friends this weekend instead of heading to the theater. You’ll have a great time together, and you’ll save a bunch of money! Decide together to pass those savings along to the Harvest Campaign.

Talk with your children and teenagers about getting involved in giving to the Harvest Campaign. Make it a family commitment, and then watch how God grows the faith of your kids as He provides!

Pray and decide on a small amount to put aside each day and put it in an envelope every evening. At the end of each week, mark the envelope “Harvest Campaign” and drop it in the offering each Sunday.

Tax season is here! If you’re getting a tax return, consider giving a portion, or all of it, to the Harvest Campaign.

As God leads you, please complete a commitment card and place it in the offering or Harvest Campaign box at the Welcome Center.