Posted by Jason Jackson

This past Sunday, we kicked off our Christmas sermon series, “Upside Down Christmas” with a look at John 10:10. We saw that God wants us to do more than just survive this season, He actually wants us to thrive – to live abundant, full, overflowing, counter-cultural lives. In John 10, Jesus teaches His followers using a figure of speech. He calls Himself the “good shepherd” and calls his followers “sheep.” Within the passage, Jesus tells us how we can live that abundant life that He came to offer His disciples: Know Him (vs. 14-15), Follow Him (vs. 2-4, 16), and Share Him (vs. 19-21).

If you want to dig into these three areas more on your own this season, here are some web resources you might want to check out:

  • YouVersion offers several Advent Bible reading plans that will help you as you get to know Christ, not just know about Him. Plans range from several weeks long to just a few days, so it’s easy to find one that you can bite into right away. Also, be sure to check out a few of the devotionals based on some of the most familiar Christmas songs in this plan that YouVersion offers. (Note: you will need to have a free YouVersion account to view the full reading plans. If you haven’t already, sign up and download the free Bible app for your smartphone while you’re at it!)
  • Several other online devotional sites offer Christmas-themed readings, including John Piper’s “Solid Joys”, John MacArthur’s “Drawing Near”, and BibleGateway’s Holiday Devotions Series.
  • For families, consider some of the creative ideas in this article from Focus On The Family. If you or your kids have a smartphone, you might also like this brand new Bible story app that walks children through the Christmas story and more!
  • Our HSM students are sharing joy this Christmas by giving gifts to those who probably won’t be receiving much this Christmas. We’ve partnered with World Vision to give Bibles, a bicycle, and more than a dozen farm animals to people around the world this month. Perhaps you could join us in sharing the joy of our Savior by providing some basic needs to those who don’t “have” this Christmas.
  • Do you know of someone who might be encouraged by hearing our HBC Sunday sermon series? Send them the link to our sermon page on our website and they’ll be able to listen to each message as it is posted. Don’t forget to check out all the other messages from previous weeks too.
  • Of course, reading the Christmas story from the Gospels is a great way to slow down and be reminded of that first Christmas – the day Jesus turned the world upside down!

This December, let’s not just rush around and get lost in all the “stuff” of Christmas. Let’s remember the Savior. He is the life-giver and wants us to live it abundantly! Know Him, follow Him, and share Him this Christmas.