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Dan  Tarr

Dan Tarr

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I was born a Missionary Kid in San Jose, Costa Rica as my parents were in language school preparing for ministry in South America. The second of three sons, we returned to the States shortly thereafter due to my mom’s health, eventually diagnosed as a malignant brain tumor. So I had to make the painful transition from MK to PK! That took us to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and eventually Pennsylvania. In the meantime, in March 1961 I surrendered my life to Christ at the end of a missions conference. Brinley Evans, of [then] Sudan Interior Mission got to harvest the fruit after my parents faithfully sowed the seed of the Word in my life for seven years. I was baptized the summer of ’73.

I met Brenda after church one Sunday night in August, 1970, at the ripe old age of 16. I fell in love that night, and that October I confided to my best friend (much to his amusement) that I was going to marry her. Seven long years later I did just that, and God has given us 37 years and counting since. God blessed us with Brad, Matt, Jen, and Dan, and now he’s added Melody and Elizabeth to our family. God is good, all the time.

Vocationally, I’ve been playing with the world’s most wonderful toys for the past 38 years, the last 28 at AA. (No, not that AA, I’m talking about American Airlines!) We first came to Heritage on the church’s 40th Anniversary Celebration. We’ve been celebrating here ever since. I’ve been graciously allowed to serve mostly “behind the scenes” with some of the construction and repair projects, substitute teach for several ABFs, and be involved in the men’s prayer ministry.